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Five reasons why Autentica NFT Marketplace stands out from the crowd

4 min readSep 29, 2022
Autentica NFT Marketplace homepage

Thank you, Bilal Bin Saqib for writing this article.

With a flood of NFT marketplaces out there, what makes Autentica NFT Marketplace any different? In every facet, be it fundamental or technical, Autentica stands out.

1. User Interface — Explore

To justify the literal meaning of exploring, you have to research and learn a lot, and Autentica does it for you. Autentica homepage hub provides quick access to everything: NFT certification, featured artwork, explore, etc. They have integrated data from the entire Ethereum and Binance blockchains, offering users multiple filtering options for quick findings, making navigating their desired artworks easier. Autentica’s website has a user-friendly NFT details page that projects concise data of various user groups. The artist feature section on Autentica’s homepage has an editorial platform that communicates the story behind the creators and their work. Other platforms like OpenSea, have an explore section that mainly categorises the NFTs based on the nature of their content with a few filters, and requires you to connect your wallet to explore the NFTs.

You must be wondering if the user interface or explore section would make a difference. Yes, it definitely would. Who wants to surf through an exhaustive list of NFTs to find the desired NFT when you can easily access it through the extensive filtering system at Autentica’s website and simultaneously have access to NFT details? Time is money!

2. Blockchains — There are many!

Autentica NFT Marketplace currently supports Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain; however, they plan to support any EVM-based network in the future, enabling the creators to choose the platform where they want to publish their work and pay the least costs. Their blockchain data processors allow users to link multiple wallets from the same network and display all the NFT in the user’s collection, making it easier to manage their wallets and artwork. On the other hand, Opensea supports Ethereum, Polygon, Klaytn, and Solana blockchains. has 90% Ethereum NFTs. Supporting multiple blockchains increases system efficiency and provides greater transparency. As the activities of other NFT marketplaces do not reflect any plan to support new or more blockchains, Autentica’s short-term goal to support any EVM-based network will enable the users to connect with the NFT community on a greater level.

3. Tokens — Endless Benefits

Other marketplaces do not have a token of their own, and they strictly accept core currencies like ETH, DAI, SOL, etc. For instance, has a functional multi-utility token ($QUOTH) which is a secure mode of payment and settlement between users who interact at the marketplace. It looks like Autentica Token, $AUT, will give tough competition to $QUOTH because $AUT has a lot to offer. In addition to empowering the Autentica ecosystem with a primary focus on rewarding the producers and traders, Autentica Token offers discounted service fees, rewards the community’s reviewers and allows the users to vote on various updates to assist the platform. Moreover, the token provides unparalleled freedom, complete transparency, decentralised governance, and total shareholder control, etc. Autentica NFT Marketplace allows users to have all the decision-making authority.

4. Technology and Safety — Users come first

While several other NFT marketplaces strive to boost their safety efforts, Autentica’s technology does better. OpenSea has a Copymint Prevention System that uses image recognition technology to scan NFTs and identify clones. While Authentication Technology, with the help of its steganography process, inserts a digital signature into the content of the artwork. During minting or trading, the Authentication Technology ensures that the artwork must have the required details about the creator and the blockchain transactions to confirm the NFT’s authenticity.

While some marketplaces have an In-Product Reporting System and are proactive in suspending scam accounts, Autentica NFT Marketplace has a similar system but with a few advancements; it uses Artificial Intelligence and Autentica Review Team to flag and stop fraudulent activities. Authentication Technology also allows users to contribute to safety measures, their activity initially serves as an indicator, but once they reach the greatest level of trust, their contributions become conclusive.

5. Services — Here to help

Autentica NFT Marketplace provides unique customer satisfaction services, allowing users to have their team or a small group of investors handle the transaction costs. Users can still mint the NFTs, which are controlled by and linked to a private wallet designed just for the users.

Furthermore, Autentica’s team or the small group of investors can also mint the NFTs for the users and handle the minting expenses. However, the investors will receive a portion of the revenue from the initial sale of the artwork.

From check-in to check-out, Autentica’s technology and team support your creator or trader journey, focused on empowering and safeguarding the creators of the world and their invaluable assets. The Autentica community is waiting for you!

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