Chapter 6: Autentica

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Building a bridge between art and technology

Our Present

Autentica is a technology company focused on enabling creators around the world to present, sell and authenticate their artwork. With the help of our technology, artists and digital creators can authenticate their artwork without exposing themselves to fraudulent use or duplicates.

At the core of Autentica, we have our proprietary technology focussed on securing any digital asset, whether it's picture, audio, or video. Our key driver for the ecosystem is Autentica Token, which is the official payment protocol allowing creators and community members to earn revenue for their work. On top of our Token, we have Autentica Marketplace, a digital environment for creators and traders to interact.

Our Future

We empower creators by giving them easy access to a technology that will bring them financial freedom and global exposure.

Our Vision

We take responsibility and stand up for the creators of our digital future.

Our Mission

We use financial technologies to create a bridge between art and digital innovation.

Our Values

Technology, freedom, flexibility, reward, recognition, transparency, inclusiveness.

1. Autentica Marketplace

Our marketplace enables creators, collectors, and traders to access NFTs, rare digital art with the help of blockchain technology. With the help of our proprietary technology, our community can verify the authenticity of the artworks that they want to purchase and validate their assets.

“Walletless” interaction for creators

We want our platform to onboard as many users as possible and for this task, we need to remove a couple of barriers like offering an alternative solution when creating an account or minting an NFT so that they don’t have to use a wallet. If users prefer, they will still be able to complete the transaction of minting an NFT themselves, but for those who are not familiar with wallets, we’re offering them the option to have us or our select group of investors handle the transaction fees while the minted NFTs will be owned and linked to the private wallet created just for this type of users. These NFTs, which will be minted by us or the select group of investors, will only be available for purchase with our $AUT token. Investors who engage in this procedure will cover the costs of minting and will get a share of the revenues generated when the artwork is first sold.

Multiple blockchains support

We currently support Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain, but our short-term goal is to support any EVM-based network, allowing more experienced creators to choose where they want to publish their artworks and pay the lowest costs.

By supporting multiple blockchains we are offering our users to option to link multiple wallets to their accounts, even from the same network, and with the help of our blockchain data processors, we will tie all of the NFTs that those wallets contain together and place them in the users’ Collection, allowing them to manage the artworks more easily.

Community Reviewers & Editors

We want to have a special connection with our users, and to that end, we’re exploring the idea of engaging select people in evaluating artworks that our machine-learning algorithms flag as probable duplication, as well as in selecting artworks to feature. We’ve designed a trust level system in which the actions of these users serve as indicators at first, but after climbing to the highest level of trust, your actions become definitive. All of your efforts in evaluating and featuring artworks will be rewarded with $AUT tokens.

2. Autentica Technology

In light of the NFT industry’s rapid growth, as more artists see the potential and release a flood of artworks, the NFT community is confronted with a crucial issue: how to verify that assets are authentic. This raises customer mistrust, eroding their faith in the process.

Our technology addresses the problem of authenticity by embedding a digital signature directly into the content of artworks, a process known as steganography, which is used to accomplish this. For the artwork to be verified, it includes all of the necessary information about the creator and blockchain transaction. This information allows for the artwork to be traced back to its creator and the person who now owns it.

Another significant issue arising from the NFT industry’s success is safeguarding creators from clones. We address this issue with our technology by using artificial intelligence to determine if other creators are attempting to publish artworks that are too similar to those previously published on all blockchains that allow NFTs, not just our own platform. We examine all artworks on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks to determine if there are duplicates by analyzing the content, not the file, and if the similarity between the artworks is excessive, we flag the artwork for review. Our Review Team will then determine whether the artwork that is about to be published is a copy or an original. In case the artwork meant to be published is a copy, we will block the process and an automatic flag will be raised for the user. This process is designed to increase the level of trust and mass-market adoption.

3. Autentica Token

Created for the community, the Autentica ($AUT) token is designed to fuel the ecosystem with a focus on rewarding the creators and traders.

Additionally, the token is also used to provide reduced service costs, to honor and reward our community reviewers and editors, and to compensate our select group of investors, who cover the minting expenses for creators who don’t want or know how to mint their own tokens.

The ultimate focus of our ongoing efforts is to adapt and evolve towards a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), in which our platform users would own all the decision-making authority. The $AUT token will serve as the means of governance: it enables users to vote on a variety of updates and helps the platform determine how it should evolve. It offers complete transparency, total shareholder control, unprecedented flexibility, and autonomous governance. This puts Autentica in harmony with our most dedicated users and also draws us closer to making Autentica a public good where members of the community put their beliefs to work.

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