Chapter 10: How to find the Right Art Community

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Art communities are an excellent place for aspiring and professional artists to meet and share their works and ideas. The community is beneficial to many young artists who might be struggling with their newfound craft in an immediate environment that isn’t as passionate as they are or that know nothing about it. This is why as an artist you need a great community of like-minded people like yourself who will support, critic, and help you improve your art skill(s) faster than you can achieve on your own.

In addition, finding the right Art community increases your knowledge base about your craft but also creates opportunities for you to get your first big break. Also before it can be possible you need to know what kind of art community you want for yourself. This is because not all art communities are going to serve your needs. One art community might serve your needs better than another art community might.

Are you thinking of how to find that perfect community? Don’t worry!

This article will help you figure out how and where to find an art community that will help you become a better artist to achieve your art dreams.

How to find the right art community that will help you grow?

There are a lot of art communities on the Internet with professional and aspiring artists from around the world. These communities all have something to offer, but how to find the one that is best suitable for you is up to you. To pick from the ever-growing community you may want to ask yourself some specific questions such as:

  • What art do I want to specialize in, is it drawing, animation, television commercials, etc?
  • What are the characteristics I’m looking for in the community I intend to join? For instance, it could be based on skill level, connection, guidance, the right kind of people, etc.
  • What kind of artist do I want to be in my field?

Asking yourself these vital questions will make it easier for you to find an art community to join.

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Characteristics to look for in a community of artists:

To make it easier for you to choose the right community, here are some things to look out for in an art community:

1. Inclusion

Before joining an art community ensure you feel included and welcomed. You don’t want to be a part of a community where you don’t feel welcomed or you can’t fit in.

2. Diversity

This is something you should consider before joining an art community. You want to be in a community where you get to meet and rub minds with artists and creatives from different races, ethnicity, and religious background. This will open your eyes to new things and positively influence your art.

3. Specificity

Look out for a community that is all about what you want to learn. If you are interested in drawing, join a drawing community, you can even go as far as niching down to the kind of tools or software you’d love to use. For instance, if you are interested in using Photoshop join an art community where artists use it. These artists will most likely drop tips that will help you improve your technique.

Where to find an Art community

When you know what type of art community you want. Where to Find it is another bone of contention, and trust me it is not as hidden as you might think.

Here are some places to search:

1. Google

Google is your friend. There are many art communities, swimming on the world wide web some of which are paid platforms while others are free. Check them out to see which of them is most suitable for you.

2. Social media

Here is another place to find art communities. There are many free art groups on Facebook where you can share your artworks, comment on other artists’ works, rub minds with other artists and get to know what other artists are up to in the art community. Aside from Facebook, you can also link up with artists and creatives on LinkedIn.

3. Sign up for local studio tours and art workshop

Taking part in both or either of the two will help you meet different artists, share your artwork, knowledge and get to see from other artists’ perspectives. This way, you will make real connections with influential artists who will be happy to help you in your art career.

4. Art Associations

The online art communities are superb but don’t limit yourself to them. If you happen to have any art association within your vicinity that can help you in your art journey, you should connect with them, make friends with artists like yourself near you, and be open to possibilities.

Advantages of Art Communities

Being a part of an art community may have its disadvantages, but the benefits it provides to artists and creatives are tremendous, including:

1. Motivation and inspiration

Watching other artists succeed after putting in the time and work, allows you to envision possibilities and strengthens your hope that you too can achieve greatness.

2. Learn and grow

The art community is filled with many experts that you can choose as mentors and learn from to expand your art knowledge. Before you know it you also have become a pro that other artists want to learn from.

3. Make friends from around the world

Art communities are swimming with diverse people from different backgrounds, cultures, so you get to make friends with them and share perspectives.


You will have a sense of belonging if you join an art community. It provides you with a platform to enhance your craft while also allowing you to make a difference in the community by assisting other budding artists. I believe that using the suggestions above, you will be able to identify and join the appropriate creative community. As a result, join the art community and network with other artists who share your interests. You are about to enter the world of art.

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